production services: From concept to COMPletion

  • Services: Storyboards, Scriptwriting, Producing, Directing, and Editing

Whether it's a documentary, corporate video, or feature film, we have been entrusted to tell the story of the true legends of industry. As an award winning "preditor", Scooter is an all-in-one producer, writer, editor, and director. Alongside his network of cinematographers, lighting, audio experts and colorists, we have everything your production needs to bring your story to life.

STORY DEVELOPMENT, brainstorm, and writing

  • Services: Script coverage, story guides/breakdowns, consulting, treatments, screenplays, articles, and branding.

You have a story. An idea. A dream. But you need it to engage your audience in a way that endures. The art of story applies from everything to writing an "about us" page to the Marvel Movie Universe. With experience breaking down scripts for Hollywood producer Ben Odell to writing a TV Pilot for QC Entertainment, we know how to capture the imagination and turn your story into a legend that never dies. Let's brainstorm, craft and collaborate, using the techniques of the trade. You'll come out with a story guide that can be executed either with our production team or with yours. 

VIDEO Editing

  • Services: Video editing, 2D motion graphics, color correction, and audio editing with the Adobe Suite.

The art of persuasion and emotional connection is relevant whether you’re in sales, marketing, writing your “about” page, pitching a VC, speaking on stage, onboarding a new recruit, or daily emailing, right down to convincing your spouse to tuck away their cell phone at dinner. True Legend Films offers a variety of storytelling workshops in 2-hour, half-day, and full-day lengths that will give you and your team the basic tools necessary to start telling powerful, emotionally-resonant stories to the world.

Producing and DIRECTING

  • Services: Feature films, shorts, documentaries, corporate, and journalism.

If you've got all your production capabilities in place, but you're missing your creative captain, we’re here to wheel, deal, create and make your vision a reality, from preproduction all the way to post.

ip and talent Acquisition

  • Services: IP optioning, packaging, financing; career guidance, coaching and intros.

Would you like to join our team? Are you looking to get your story optioned, packaged, or financed? New to LA and just need some advice? Contact Us and we'll review. If it's not in our wheelhouse, we'll point you in the right direction.